Samantha graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Master of Physiotherapy and a Bachelor of Kinesiology. She is passionate about helping others overcome their injuries by empowering her clients to take a proactive and informed approach to recovery.

Samantha has had clinical experience in a variety of settings, including sport injuries, general orthopedics, hip and knee replacement, and neuromuscular rehab. She has additional training including dry needling (IMS), Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Levels and Functional Movement Screening.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an office worker, Samantha enjoys working with an array of different clients. Through her personal experiences as an athlete, she understands that injury can affect one’s quality of life in numerous ways. This is why she uses a holistic and individualized approach to treatment involving clear goal setting, manual therapy, exercise rehab, and education.

Outside of the clinic, Samantha enjoys rock climbing, volleyball, basketball, and camping. She loves the outdoors and is happy to be anywhere by the ocean.