Kim has had a passion for the human body and its inner design and function through movement for over 15 years. It started in her childhood, participating in as many sports as she had time to, excelling in dance, to her early twenties where she had been educated and involved in the sport, health and fitness industry from varying perspectives. Being an RMT in BC means that Kim has certification of the highest industry standards in North America and taught by some of the best. She was awarded first place by the Massage Therapy Association of BC (MTABC) for her case study research report on the effects of massage therapy for plantar fasciitis in 2014. Kim is also achieving her 200 Hour Yoga Certification with ProHealth Systems and will be registered with Yoga Alliance®.

During treatment, Kim interacts directly with soft tissue, incorporating movement and stretching, among many other modalities, including Yoga, pressure point and fascial release, to improve pain cycles and compliment other health care professions. She likes to help facilitate each patient’s healing and health goals, at their pace, from injuries, chronic conditions, surgeries, and postural distortions to accomplish their best results. Kim enjoys sharing her knowledge to help patients better understand their body, it’s movements and how it functions. Being involved in a serious MVA gave Kim a special perspective on movement, injury and the body’s ability to heal. She has firsthand experience with the healing process and how fragile, painful and frustrating the journey it can be.

Coming from a multi-cultural family, Kim enjoys working with people of diverse backgrounds and has had exposure working with various populations such as the elderly, pregnancy, and within hospital settings.

Kim is a true “Vancouverite”, being born and raised here; She lives for the outdoors and being in nature. Kim also enjoys reading, painting, practicing yoga, being active, travelling and learning new ways to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle with her family.

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