Corey Woo

Corey Woo has committed himself to the service of others. In his spare time he enjoys training, rock climbing, snowboarding, cycling and playing billiards. During his previous career Corey worked in computer information systems and mechanical design, this helped him to develop strong investigative and troubleshooting skills. Corey seeks to help guide clients through the healing process by combining in-depth problem solving, first hand experience and skills learned at WCCMT so that they may return to the activities that they love.

Corey’s goal is to address recurrent injuries and alleviate long term chronic pain from soft tissue related conditions with an emphasis on providing maximum value and effectiveness. His practice is focused on deep tissue massage techniques combined with instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM). Strong analytical skills backed by a keen understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology allow him to exhaustively track down and treat even the most stubborn of issues. Also passionate about teaching, Corey enjoys empowering people with the information required to demystify their ailments and rise above them.

Corey graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2020 after completing the 3000 hour program, he is IASTM certified.